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All about Fontem

Headquartered in Amsterdam, we have R&D centres in Liverpool and China, and a US office in North Carolina. Launched in 2009, we are the owner of the blu e-vapour brand, which is a pioneer in electronic cigarettes. We have an ambition to be the best, and to deliver a progressive, convenient and satisfying product to our customers.

We believe we are driving forward a better vision of the future, and we are inviting people who want to be part of that vision to join us. We see ourselves like an open club, where like-minded people are working to improve the world.

To continue to grow, we are looking for people who are ready to make a difference at a truly ground-breaking company. We need people who will be comfortable working in a disruptive industry that is ready to provide an alternative to tobacco products for 1 billion smokers all over the world.

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Meet the Team

The essence of Fontem is the ability to make things happen in a fast paced and very dynamic international environment.

I joined the business about two years ago, and I was attracted by several things - the international mindset, the growth strategy, opportunities to drive the business and learn, and the consumer focus.

It’s an environment where there is fast development and new challenges every day. It’s a place to be proactive and to keep pushing new ideas. I believe you can develop your career very quickly in comparison to other companies.

Dirk Beerepoot, VP Global Market Expansion

We are bringing products to the market that are an alternative to smoking. It’s an environment where you never have to get bored. It’s energetic, social and goal driven. There are lots of opportunities in Fontem for anybody who can embrace change and feel comfortable in an international, dynamic and fast paced environment.

To anyone thinking about joining, I would say, if you are positive and engage with the company and employees, you can have a lot of fun. Be yourself, don’t be shy and own what you do.

Joanna-Sue van Poppel, Global Realisation Project Engineer

 My colleagues share the ambition to get the job done today rather than tomorrow. There is a hands-on mentality and people are at peace with the fact things change. This is one of the things that make working at Fontem diverse and challenging, which is a big plus to me.

I also really enjoy Fontem being a young and dynamic business. Even though it was not a start-up anymore when I joined, it still felt like one in the sense that this company can adapt to change much faster than previous companies I worked for. There are no lengthy decision making processes, which makes it much easier to operate and implement new ideas.

With the company structure changing and growing rapidly due to the expansion plans, there is a lot of room to learn and work on your personal development. My role at Fontem is not set in stone as it evolves together with the company. This offers me great opportunity to grow within my role and goes very well with an ambitious mind-set.

Christiaan Brommersma, Finance Business Partner

 I joined Fontem because I wanted to have an international experience and the opportunity to join at a global headquarter level really motivated me. Also the vaping category attracted me due to it being high-tech and a booming market. And, having worked in a traditional retail environment, I wanted to broaden my perspective.

We are currently expending to new markets and it’s really enriching to work with a lot of different countries and nationalities. I love the fact that my job is always different, and there is no routine: we are opening new channels and are constantly trying to think out of the box with our Test and Learn strategy. Our New Growth Products are really future oriented and I believe Fontem Ventures has a role to play in that field.

During our last annual conference, we had different workshops to understand better our products. We had the opportunity to develop our own e-liquid and to build our own pod (vaping capsule) for our new device myblu. That was challenging, enriching and very fun at the same time. I think this is a good summary of the essence of Fontem Ventures!

Ophélie Schaffar, Trade Marketing Manager

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